Family Engagement Resource Center

Be sure to stop by and visit our Family Engagement Resource Center, which is located in room 139. We have countless books, games, and resources available for you to check out and use. Our Family Engagement Specialist (FES), Adrienne Woods, is here to help you and your child. If you would like to find out more about the Family Engagement Resource Center, the programs we are offering, or if you want to get more involved, send us an email by clicking on the link above or call us at 727-2910.

Website: Ms. Adrienne Woods- Family Engagement Specialist Website

                                                                      Machen Family Engagement Resource Center                                             

Machen Family Engagement Resource Center provides:


  • A comfortable place where parents can talk with other parents or Machen school staff


  • Materials and a space where parents can get together with other parents and school staff to learn how to assist in their children's at-home learning


  • Information about current school programs and events


  • Instructional materials to help parents guide their children's learning


  • Educational games, books, and DVDs that parents can use with their children at home as well as toys and books for visiting children


  • A place where parents can receive information on specific educational materials to be used at home

  • Meeting space for parent groups and workshops

  • An informal location for individual parent-teacher or parent-principal discussions

  • Information about cultural and community services and agencies to help families with educational, health, and social service needs


  • A Family Engagement Specialist (FES) whose main priority is to support the parents of Machen Elementary School


Machen Elementary School staff and parents are working together to reach a common goal: 

The academic success of ALL Machen students!